Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life here is all about Prayer Flags and even More Painting Meditation

Hi loving souls

Last week I posted about my days 1 to 13 for the 21 days painting meditation challenge by Whitney Freya. I hope you were able to join the fun. We soaked ourselves in more art and gratitude and the 21 days are now complete but I so love the fluidity of water colors and the 5 minute meditations that the practice continues. You will the yummy pictures at the bottom of this post. 

Also I painted two lovely quick pieces for the Infinite Buddhas of Compassion project. Yes its going strong and we have some lovely souls out there. So in case you have not yet joined please feel free to read more about it by clicking the tab at the top or my first blogpost  .... or simply join one of the closed groups on FB or Google Plus

BTW I painted some prayer flags for the Dancing with your Dreams workshop. So you see the meditative energy continues to move in all corners of my life. 

I painted this water color Buddha without any guidelines or pencil sketch. So visually you may find many many flaws (just like in life) but its underlying energy is so beautiful that you might just want to let it all in. 

This ornamental lotus wanted to be all colorful.

And the days 14 to 21 for the 21 days painting meditation challenge... I love the dance of the OM. The figure 8 has been appearing in my intuitively paintings ever since the 24 hours creativity I undertook. So I suppose it does have some meaning which I shall let the time unfold. 

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Thank you for stopping by and soaking it all in. 

Much love and light and happiness being sent your way. 
Prerna Poojara

Catalyst for creative compassion. 

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Sumaiyah Dymonz said...

I love your paintings, your energy, and your spirit! Thanks for sharing.

Sumaiyah Dymonz said...

I love your paintings, your energy, and your spirit! Thanks for sharing.

Lynna-g said...

I loved the post today and enjoyed visiting your blog.

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Sumaiyah for your lovely words. I am so glad to have you as my friend. Blessings and love.

Prerna Poojara said...

Lynna-g, thank you so much for visiting and taking time to comment. I am so happy you enjoyed the post. Blessings
Much love and light.