Monday, February 24, 2014

Sending out Energy for Balance/Centering/Alignment

Hello lovely folks

First of all thank you for dropping by. I really appreciate your visits and comments. 

I love love love working with paper of various kinds. I love the way it lends texture to various projects. I use them on the canvas and various other mediums. 

Here is the latest box I painted for the Infinite Buddhas of Compassion project. Its a beautiful Tara and she wanted her headdress to be all flowers. The base of the box is layered with lots of tissues. The texture  simply adds to the beauty of the final painted box. Let me know how you like it. 

This week has been about sending out compassionate energy for finding the balance/center. It seems a lot of changes are happening including the weather not being its normal. I do hope it all turns out to be pleasant soon. There seems to be a mixed bag of energies all around. And I suppose we simply can go with the flow and not forget "This too shall pass" 

I have been working on a larger painting - intuitive of course and I really have no clue where its headed. Its got the blessings, prayers, layers of colors and symbols as of now. But I wish to share with you is how it snapped me out of one of my possible future mistakes (one that I had acknowledged as a potentially self destructive habit and worked upon). While I was painting away I was having a conversation with my canvas (I suspect it was at time occupied by my unseen friends LOL) and I continued to speak (what I could not in my daily writing practice) and went down so deep into my own heart and soul that I snapped out of a situation or a choice that I would have made. The wrong choice would have put me back into the same circle that I did come out long back and has made me more peaceful, radiant and so ME. So next time you need answers and you love the canvas go ahead and keep splashing that paint and talking to it. The reason I do it on my canvas is simple. I can keep layering. I can keep working on it and it can take it all. And believe me it lends amazing texture and depth to the final painting. 

Happy chatting away.
Prerna Poojara

Catalyst for Creative Compassion

PS: We are learning to draw symbols in the Dancing With your Dreams. Stay tuned. 

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