Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Small simple tip for biginners/Self Taught Artists.

Dear Arty friends,

Finishing the sides of a painting is as important as the painting itself. 

There are several ways to finish the sides (I have an old post that I have posted a link to at the bottom)

I usually struggled with painting the sides of my wrapped canvases from time to time. Either it was time consuming. Or I got smudges on the painting. 

Until I discovered a simple no BRAINER way of doing it. But until then I struggled even if in a small way. So I just created a short less then a minute video to help any one who could be on the same journey as me.

Happy watching.

Here is a link to see how to manage the side stapled canvas if you have any... 

Do share if you find this useful. Would love to hear from you.

Much love and light

Catalyst for Creative compassion.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

And the winner is....

Sweet friends

Thank you all for stopping by reading my last blog post, sharing and commenting (I also added every one else who shared and messaged me yay)  

I added all your names in a basket and pulled out a winner... old fashioned way...

Annnnddd the winner is MISTY.... Congratulations Misty... Please send me your address and I will ship this to you ASAP and let you know.

Stay tuned. Keep coming back for more. And if you don't want to miss out on the next post of giveaway or arty stuff stop by and like my FB page.

Much love and light.

Prerna Poojara
Catalyst for Creative Compassion....

Friday, June 10, 2016

Art teaches us life lessons... And a giveaway - Just like that...

Sweet Friends from all over the world,

Something that hit me a while back and I did share on FB but it tends to get lost there....

Every once in a while even after I have completed (even signed a painting...) I may realize a wee bit of tweaking is needed (often a shading or shadow) or there is a tiny flaw or at times a glaring one (OMG how did I miss that) I go ahead and make those changes (I am restless once I see that) And once done it makes a huge difference to my paintings. At times these tweaks just take a few minutes. Sometimes they end up taking a long time because something needs to be wiped off, reworked and needs more patience in between drying of two layers.

It feels just like my life when at times I look back see some mistakes I may have made. And a tiny tiny adjustment (sometimes a thought process or a deep rooted belief) later or by being bold and changing a whole lot of it, wiping some old fears, growing wings or changing my outlook,  it makes a whole lot of difference in my energetic field which guides my life.

So every once in a while there is no harm in looking back, or look where you are right now, take stock, grieve, admit mistakes, make changes, laugh at some lessons learnt, breathe in some fresh air, repeat the process over and over. This is life. This is our canvas. We are allowed to Paint our story. Or sing it. Or cook it. Or Knit it. Or scribble it. Or dance it.

Now for the giveaway.... 

Since I am hobbling back from my hibernation, I have been meaning to send some love into this world. And what better way than to be able to send it across with some artworks. 


I created her last year for LB2015. 6"x 4" (inches) on Khadi Paper. The paper itself is pretty and deckle edged. The words on the right are Namaste. Of course my love for Buddha shines through.  

If you want her its simple.... 

Share this post on social media and let me know in the comment where have you shared it. 

I will draw randomly and select a winner next week... You have time till 12 pm (IST) of 16th. June 2016. I will ship this internationally too (my gift to you no cost) 

Love and light
Prerna Poojara

PS: click here if you want to know the meaning of Namaste (don't forget to come back and comment)