Saturday, December 21, 2013

Latest mini Buddha for the Infinite Buddhas of compassion

Hello lovelies

Happy Summer or Winter Solstice depending on where you live. I am so enjoying this energy and am looking forward to some celebrations.

Here is my Buddha for the Infinite Buddhas of Compassion project. It is a 4”x4” painted on wood/MDF. This week I have been sending out compassion to clear off all old energies that no longer serve us for the highest good and also side by side working on my Ganeshas for the 108 Ganesha project.

4"x4" Buddha on MDF/Wood

I treated myself to one more class at Craftsy called the Epoxy Clay Artistry Class. And there is sale at craftsy and all classes are upto 50%off. I would suggest at least registering at Craftsy so that you receive the yummy offers that they have from time to time. I picked up my class last week for a irresistible offer of under $10. It came in my mail box. That was a huge discount. yay. I love creating jewelry and have dabbled in this medium so look forward to some new techniques.

See ya soon. Happy weekend.

Much love and light
Prerna Poojara

Catalyst for Creative Compassion

PS : I do have a craftsy affiliate but absolutely recommend them because their videos are shot so professionally and the classed never expire. They are an absolute value for money. 

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