Friday, December 20, 2013

Ganesha no 6 + Link to Free Book by Lisa Michaels

Hi lovely souls

I hope you are enjoying the holidays and the beautiful Christmas Cheer and celebrations. 

Here is my Ganesha no 6 from the 108 Ganeshas project. It is such a powerful practice that it is blowing my mind off with all the lovely synergy and vibrations. 

This is a small 4"x4" piece on wood. Like I said earlier the smaller the piece it takes longer to finish and needs more patience and love. This one is full of rich gold, green, purple and red shades. I love the abstract form and the blessings in white. 

6 of 108 Ganeshas Project

In my last post I mentioned about the friends and family canvas that I have displayed in my home. The canvas has made its first mark with my favorite 6 year old neighbor (he will be 6 next month so he is going to hate me calling him 6 right now - he has already warned me its still a month away so he is still 5 LOL)

I simply directed him to the canvas, paints and brushes without any brief. God bless his soul for painting a yin yang - (what I initially thought was a black and white butterfly) to begin with. And he was painting a butterfly too as you can see him in this pic below. I am so glad that every one who will now paint on the canvas will surely experience their inner child and the balanced energy of the yin and yang.

Blessing the Canvas
And here is the free book I mentioned. 
All those who love the moon cycle and the natural rhythms of the mind body and soul this book might just be the one you might love to download this book by Lisa Michales mentioned below (just click on the pic). Its Kindle Version is free to download today and tomorrow (20 &21st December 2013)
<a href="">Create A Dynamic Year 2014: The Divine Feminine Way to Rhythmically Create A Rich & Fulfilling Year</a><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />
Click on the pic to download Free on 20/21 Dec 2013
Lisa Michaels also has a lovely free tele ceremony on celebrating the Winter Solstice tomorrow. You may check out her offerings on her website here.
Much love and light
See you soon

In case you missed the post Idea about the friends and family Canvas post you can click here to read the post. 

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