Friday, December 11, 2015

Decorate Glass Votives - Quick and Easy way

Hello creative souls

Compliments of the season.

I haven't blogged in a while which means I haven't really shared whats happening around in my world. I go through these phases of silence once in a while.

But this tutorial has been bubbling for a while and I finally decided to shoot and edit a video. yay to new skills.

Please be gentle I am not a pro at this.

This short video will show you how to decorate this glass votive. Its easy, colorful and not expensive at all.

All you need is

Glass votives
Glass colours - Solvent based craft variety will do.
3D Glitter tubes.
Some glossy fixative.

Before you begin

Cover your work surface with a plastic or wax paper (paper wont do)
Wear gloves.... I dint and well I had to get them out with acetone from my hands.
Keep wipes handy too.

Here is a snapshot of what I created................

Here is the video....

Don't just stop here. You can use the same technique to upcycle your glass bottles into a pretty vase or even lamps. The possibilities are endless.

Here is an old sample of how I had upcycled some wine bottles by cutting off the base. BTW the base of this bottle would make for a nice tea holder too.

Happy creating. I hope you make some pretty gifts or decorate your home with these ideas.

Love and light

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