Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On being in the Gap and releasing some unconditional love.

Hello creative beings

I absolutely loved this video which is a part of a talk by Ira Glass. It explains a lot of things for us creative beings. Last couple of months saw me re-visiting a lot of my earlier works and re-working them. They were a few touches here and there and that made a lot of difference.
That's when I knew if I was not releasing some of my artworks because I was in the GAP. I was making good art but I was waiting for that final satisfactory ummmppphhh and then the bold signature came along.
I hope you enjoy this video.

Yes sometimes it felt like I was taking two steps forward and one step backward. Rather than getting frustrated and feeling like I am not moving I decided to take it like a dance and go with it gracefully. And that made everything fall in place. The music had to stop at some time. And I could stop dancing then. And then I can move forward.   

So moving forward this is one more of my pretty art that I released finally. It is one of the sweetest works of art I have created. And I was not ready to let go till it was perfect. Till it told me what it wanted to say. And now its looking for a lovely home.

Unconditional love is Original Art on Canvas. The hair is beautifully textured with paste it has bits of paper collage on the body. Lots of explosion of colours. And of course love.

Size : 20"x16" horizontal. Thickness approx. 0.75"

Hope you enjoy the video and a piece of my heart.

Much love and light
Prerna Poojara

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