Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sharing a step by step for you to make for the teachers in your life.

Sweet Friends

My Facebook today reminded me of a sweet memory of what I created and shared sometime last year... Fortunately I did have WIP pics this time because I was sending them to my Sister In Law for whom I was making this.

I am so grateful to every one who has taught me something or the other in life. Not just school or college teachers but also friends and family and situations. So decided to share the process in case some one would love to make one too.

Here we go.

This wood cut was obtained from a local store. (Basically you give them a paper cut in actual size and they cut it up in MDF for you. You could also use a thick plain card board if you like...

Here is the paper cut out.

And the actual MDF board cut and ready...

First I added a layer of primer so that the wood wont soak away all the colors... (The table is distracting... sorry and its safely covered in plastic)   

After it dried I added a full two layers of gold paint. And the black at the bottom of the trophy. Then I fixed some students crayons with the glue gun. Then used a hair drier to melt the crayons to create a small happy puddle of colors...

On to some splatters...

 My sister in law has sent some written words (I think you will find them on the internet) that I printed on ordinary printer (black) ripped the pages at the edges and pasted it with a mat gel medium. Once it dried brushed the page with some gold paint so that it looks like a part of the wood. Painted in some of the letters with some happy colors. Some more squiggles. And circles and a hand painted thank you at the bottom and it was ready.

Here is the close up of the melted wax.....

 Don't forget varnish the whole piece a couple of times in a well ventilated area.

Try it out. You will enjoy it.

Happy creative journey.


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