Saturday, March 8, 2014

NO happy womens day

Hi soulful friends.

NO HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY. We don't need just a day. We are always happy. We are women. We are simply amazing. Every single day. Every single moment.

Celebrate, have fun spread the goodness.

Here is my latest for the "IBOCP" I hope you like it.This one is made on reclaimed wood (my 4th one on reclaimed wood)

Plus I have new marks on my friends and family canvas. My friend visited from Kolkatta. And she had never picked up a brush since school. But she was so thrilled. This is the experience and the joy I want to help people recognize when they embrace creativity. I am so blessed.It reads "May the light Guide us always"

So here is to all the soulful women. You are magical.

Much love and light
Until next time

Catalyst for Creative Compassion.

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