Thursday, March 20, 2014

Make Bidriware Style easy Mandalas

Hello soul sisters

My latest post is about making easy Mandalas that interestingly look like Bidariware Art from Karanataka. Traditionally it is a very delicate and intricate work and goes through a lengthy process. The products are gorgeous and are aptly called black beauty. Just to give you a taste of India I am showing you how to be inspired and replicate it right from the comfort of your home. No special equipments needed. Even kids can make them. Its that simple.

A sneak peek at what they look like and how you can use them.

Here we go.

All you need is some CD's, Black paint, a sharp object (old pen/old filer) imagination.

Simply coat the shiny side of the CD with quick strokes of black. Let it dry. I tried after 30 minutes and also leaving some overnight. It dint matter. But use the shiny side only for best results.

Once dry use a sharp tool like an old ball point pen or an old filer. Mark a plus and multiplication sign in the center and also at the edges just to give you an idea of equal spacing. It does not have to be perfect. Since the circle is larger towards the outside I have added one more mark in between the plus and multiplication marks.  (Bottom left I have missed a marking - that shows how far apart the markings would be if you dint do the in between marks) You don't have to do this if you just wish to go free hand.

And go. Simply start creating these pretty pieces.

Start with the inner circle. Bidari work has a of floral motifs. So I started with a floral pattern.

Added leaf like shapes.

Extended the leaves Overlapped the leaves and they turned out to be like a large lotus. Some dots and lines inside.

Added some dots. Thickened some lines to make them broader by scratching them a bit more.

Here is one more finished piece.

We are all aware of the therapeutic properties of creating mandalas. They are blissful and one can get engrossed in the personal dialogue while creating them and yet one needs to be mindful while creating because it does have some symmetry and direction and movement while creating.

Once created these energy pieces can be used for various purpose.

If you wish simply stick a black paper on the back of the finished piece and write a note or a saying and gift it.


I super glued three flat metal beads at the bottom at 12Oclock/5Oclock/8O clock positions for it to be able to stand. You could also use some colored stones with a flat back. But these silver ones kind of matched with the whole look.

and you have a pretty little altar tray

to keep your goddess/gods

Or use it as a incense holder.

Or a candle holder.

These pieces are small and wont take long. Go ahead and make as many as you like.

Plain simple and gorgeous.

Would love to hear from you if you like this small DIY.

Much creativity and joy being sent your way.

Catalyst for Creative Compassion.

PS: If you like this DIY and use it then a link back to the blog post will be highly appreciated. 


Jeane Vogel said...

These are lovely. Thank you for sharing and sending me off to learn about Bidriware.

Jeane Vogel
Newest work: Where are the Women?

Prerna Poojara said...

Jeane Vogel, Thank you so much for dropping by and writing back.

I absolutely love the photographs you have taken of these lovely Indian Women.

Much love and light

Jeane Vogel said...

You are very kind. I'm eager to find out about your projects, too. So pleased to meet you.

Siggadisart said...

This is such a great idea Prerna. Im going to use that mandala making with my students at school. Love the idea. Do you know of any mandalamaking book from India that are sold online? Have a great weekend :-)

Prerna Poojara said...

pleased to meet you too Jeane Vogel. I have connected with you on fb.

Prerna Poojara said...

hi Sigga what a pleasure to have you here and am so excited the kids will learn this. I will scout for a book and revert. but meanwhile in my free resources section at the top there is a link to free mandala class by guada. it is a lovely workshop.

Siggadisart said...

Thank you Prerna, I have already taken Guadas class, it was a lovely class and I made a beautiful Mandala there. Ill post a photo on Fb to show you my Mandala I am so proud of.