Monday, December 16, 2013

Arty Idea for your Christmas or New Years Party. Ignite a Spark

Hello Creative Souls

2013 literally flew out - of the window. woooosh but in a good cleansing way. I healed a lot (including my fractured hand LOL) I cleansed a lot (not physically but I might attempt a 7 day GM diet LOL still time) I let go of some old patterns (boy I did get tested), thoughts and notions that were restricting my growth.  and I am more aligned and balance and energetic thanks to the lovely projects that I started off. 

Now here is how you can wrap up 2013 in a super pretty artful manner with minimum effort and time. I have hung up a canvas in the corner of my Studio which is now called a Friends and Family Canvas. This canvas will have friends and family paint on this what ever their heart desires. No rules. Once its filled I will turn the canvas into something pretty. I am not sure how long this will take but I really really want people to get over fear of the canvas. I truly believe every body can paint. And its really a matter of making the first mark. I am not doing it for Christmas or New years as such so mine has no time line.

But why don't you take this idea and hang a blank canvas or even a large water color sturdy paper for that matter and provide some paints and brushes and let people paint what they like during the Christmas or New Year visit. Let the fun begin. Take your time later in 2014 and finish it off and perhaps cut them up into small pieces and make cards, small paintings or anything for every one who was present to be gifted away sometime in 2014 perhaps during their Birthdays/anniversaries or New Year Cards for 2014. The possibilities are infinite.

Let me know what you do. Share your pictures. I would love to hear more from you. Do share if you like this idea. More the merrier.

Here is my Buddha for the Infinite Buddhas of Compassion. After all the colorful ones I suppose I needed to balance some energies into creating a Black and White. This is done in my journal made of some amazing handmade paper. I use this only to sketch with charcoal/pencils.

This week my Buddhas have been sending out compassionate energies to the elderly especially to the ones who have been unwell. I know this time of the year can make it very difficult for them.

I just finished (almost) writing in my Amazing Business and Life Workbooks. They must call them fun books. I think I dint write much last time because I really had started detesting (after 20 years of working) the business words. I like these workbooks because at some point they do put some method into madness.

Much love and light
Prerna Poojara

Catalyst for Creative Compassion

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Brenda said...

what a fun idea! I will try it!

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Brenda. That would be great.