Friday, November 15, 2013

The 5 year old in me had fun painting this Ganesha no 3 for 108 Ganeshas

Namaste beautiful souls

I hope I find you in a joyful mood today. If not this post might make you smile a bit. I am sure we all have fun childhood stories (ours or our kids) of creating Art. And I would so love to hear them. 

I painted this Ganesha like a 5 year old would paint. And it turned out to be so cute I just love it. I had so much fun. I remember painting as a child only to be put off by an Art teacher in school. He put me off art so much I never recovered for at least two decades. What a horror. My heart goes out for the kids who get criticized for creating drawings that are fit for their age. And some times (or most of the times) they have such valid reasons and explanations to what they have drawn. Only if parents and art teachers would listen rather than just teach. Some times we learn so much from them.

Here is a story of a friends kid who once got a C in one of his Art exams. He went up to the teacher and asked her - why did I get a C. First of all I was impressed my goodness the little kid has the guts to go there and ask. (bravo) She said - you have not painted the car (supposedly in between a colorful field). And he simply says - But mam thats a white ambassador (car). What?????? and she did change her grade. God bless the teacher for being so compassionate and understanding. I still remember this and crack up and if I am ever tempted to judge an Artwork I simply remember this story. Besides does art always have to be understood? Sometimes it can just be refreshing, fun, abstract. 

So I never never criticize what kids paint. It does not encourage them at all or make them competitive to get better. And if I must there is something called constructive criticism. Right? After all I don't want them to forget how to paint. In my studio every bit of fun is allowed.

May the Ganesha bring out the child like qualities in us. If you have a story to share I would love to hear it. 

Until next time have fun.

Much love and light. 

PS: If you wish to join me on the 108 Ganeshas journey you are most welcome. Read all about it here. 

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