Thursday, November 14, 2013

2014 I am embracing a Label (and the word of the year too) and it is in tune with my life right now

Hello Angels

I shared earlier that I am delighted to be able to take the course Dancing with your Dreams thanks to my dear friend Amy (god bless you Amy for sending a me a friend request last year it was like making a new friend on your first day at school). She was my first online friend from overseas and she has been so very kind and helpful. I just love her energy. 

So our first session was about changing labels with Jacqueline Gates. I had been following her for a while now on her blog and absolutely loved her approach. She talks about choosing our labels and changing our life. And its very beautiful approach. 

The audio and the video opened up a host of feelings - good bad ugly and what not. I thought about the labels I had taken up because I used to admire those people and boy how very wrong some of it was. The labels I gave my self - blah the inner critic. The labels people attached to me - again good bad ugly - all kinds. And then a process finding the labels to identify with who I actually was began and again the inner critic decided to jump and scare me.  

So after a few weeks I did muster up the courage to speak to her one on one and see if she could help me with my label. And by then this whole energy of Buddha and Ganesha were already floating into my orbit. I was leaning towards, creative, compassionate, curious, inspiration (my name means inspiration and it also means in-spirit) as my labels. And we kept talking about the various words and feelings that came up and she came up with this amazing line for my label "CATALYST FOR CREATIVE COMPASSION" and it goes so well with my journey so far (Which has been good bad ugly - all included) I would so recommend you check her out. I know many of you are into word of the year (mine was unblock btw) and you will so love this too. 

Here is my Buddha for the Infinite Buddhas of Compassion project. Acrylic on Canvas. 

Acrylics On Canvas Board

I would love you like minded folks to join me on this journey. We have a FB group too. And linky for your blog if you wish. 

And in case you missed this - its the dream catcher from Dancing With my Dreams workshop taught by the lovely Claudia Olivos. I am yet to complete my lessons on Nightmares and Village. Its a fun fun fun workshop. This now hangs in my studio. 

Ink, Charcoal Acrylics on Woodboard

See you soon. Tomorrow I will share a cute little Ganesha that I made for 108 Ganeshas project.

Much love and light
Prerna Poojara

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Amy said...

Prerna, I am so happy to have you as my friend on the other side of the world! Knowing you is such a blessing. I love that you have shared your experience here. And, I love your New Label!!! xoxox