Friday, November 22, 2013

No 4 of 108 Ganeshas - 4"x4" on Wood. My creative Blocks are melting away

Namaste every one 

Here is my small 4x4" Ganesha on Wood. I used acrylic paints, tissues, and wee bit of Gold was added to make it sparkle. 

This is my 4th Ganesha for the 108 Ganeshas project. I have a Ganesha canvas also going on right now. yay. It feels so good to be able to paint the Ganeshas again after so long. I was so immersed into the canvas I painted for almost 6 to 8 hours and was so charged up. I am still putting some finishing  touches to it so I will share it with you soon. 

Btw the Ganesha has a sweet tooth. So he always has a sweet (laddoo in this case) that he is holding in his trunk ready to be savored. 

No 4 Ganesha - 4"x4" wood

Keeping it short today. Nothing much happened in my world today. But yes the creative blocks are melting away. The energy is getting super charged with two of my favorite projects (the tabs at the top will take you to all my related posts of 108 Ganeshas and Infinite Buddhas of compassion Project) and I have had a brilliant new idea  in my head and of course signs confirming it that I do need to work on it. And I will share it with you soon perhaps as a pdf? Keep in touch. 

Much love and light. 
Prerna Poojara
Catalyst for Creative Compassion. 

PS: Smaller artworks take longer to create. LOL. 

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