Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ganesha my guide and a helpful tip for FB page

Hi divine souls

Last time I mentioned I had a Ganesha painting on a canvas on my easel. This canvas came as such a blessing. It practically guided me all through gently and it emerged lovingly. I just enjoyed the journey so much and the whole process was very energizing. I love the expression of the Ganesha here. It is chubby like a baby face and demanded I have the trunk hold the brush and why not.I think the divine energy that these paintings bring forward they have to be appearing from the universe magically. Every morning all I am doing is showing up at my studio (few steps out side my bedroom and into my living room is my studio) and the must has to show up. 

This is becoming a daily ritual and a lovely practice. Loving every bit of it.

I have used crackle medium on the Modak (a sweet dish and Ganeshas favorite) and the shawl. 

Psssst it might look that I spend so much time on FB posting on my page but let me tell you a secret - I schedule my posts. There is a clock like icon to the left on your status window. Click on that and a calendar will open up and you can schedule your posts. I had to share this with fellow artists because it is such a time saving option especially for the ones who run workshops etc. I am glad to share what I learn so that we all can spend more time creating.

Would love to hear from you. Or better still join me on this journey. We have a closed FB group too.

Much love and light.
Prerna Poojara
Catalyst for Creative Compassion   

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