Monday, November 18, 2013

My Sleeping Buddha has a Klimt effect thanks to Ady Almanza

Lovely souls

My todays Budda is so colorful thanks to Ady Almanza who in turn was inspired by Klimt. Ady had opened up her workshop of Dreaming of Klimt Dolls on her birthday recently for her fans. I always loved her style. Who does not love dolls. She paints these dolls with the most beautiful eyes and expressions I have ever seen. So her little workshop was a sweet sweet birthday present that we so enjoyed. 

However as some of you who are following me now know that I am currently energizing myself with Buddhas and Ganeshas for two lovely projects I decided to use the style for one of my Buddhas. 

I already had this lovely long plywood, with paper and paint and sketch of Sleeping Buddha done on it when I saw her videos. And I loved the look of her final painting so obviously my mind was stuck there. Annnnnndddd this bright little spark made paint the robe in the Klimt style. 

Thank you Ady Almanza for your generous offer. I sent you lots of loving energy and abundance as I created this. 

Don't you love it when ideas work out like this and look great too? I am in love with this Buddha. 

May the light shin on you as you sleep tonight. May you heal and wake up cleansed and energized. May you visit the most beautiful places as you dream tonight. 

Much love and light

Would love you to join the Infinite Buddhas of Compassion project

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