Saturday, November 30, 2013

My little Buddha collection is growing by the day

Hi every one

I hope you had a lovely thanks giving in the US or wherever you celebrated. I took a mini brake to recharge my batteries for a day and then my laptop went into coma once again. So this post comes after a short break. 

Here is series of 4"x4" Buddhas painted for the Infinite Buddhas of Compassion. Our like minded tribe on the FB group is increasing and I am so thankful for the lovely people I have there who are walking the journey with me. They look much prettier in person. I wish you could come see. 

I have a new Buddha canvas going on right now a few Ganeshas tiny for the 108 Ganeshas project. 

I would also love it if you check out this blog by Sumaiyah. Sumaiyah is a fellow artist who is with us on the Infinite Buddhas of Compassion project and I love what she is doing by giving out Gratitude every single day in her journal. And she has affirmations etc. Plus she has a live spreecast on Saturday mornings. 

This week I have a huge task at hand. I have downloaded the Amazing Business and life workbooks/calendars for 2014 and would spend some time working in them. 2014 here I come. Pssttt Here is a sneek peak at the inside pages. These are the down loadable version ($9.95 each and $17.90 combo). If you want the printed  ones they are available on Amazon

Will share my experience as I go.

Much love and light.
Catalyst for Creative Compassion


Amy said...

I love everything you are doing here, Prerna! You are very busy, this is quite a commitment! I can see that you are passionate about it! Love to you, my friend! <3

Prerna Poojara said...

Yes Amy, I am loving this. It is giving me immense pleasure and focus too. Lots of Love and hugs to you my friend. Love you too.