Sunday, December 1, 2013

My heart swells with gratitude + a free PDF link by Kat Mcbride

Hi sweet souls

I hope every one is having or had a chilled out weekend. I am putting it into the universe that I would like to be that side of the world during this festive season to experience all the fun. I cant stand cold thats another issue but it would be an amazing experience to experience Christmas some place west. The snow. The festive lights. The windows. The spirit of Christmas. 

My heart swells with gratitude when I interact with like minded artists on various forums especially the ones in the Infinite Buddhas of Compassion Project group on FB. Google plus is yet to get active. I suppose it will at some point. There is so much of compassion, so much of energy and so much to learn and exchange. I love my little group of community. I feel recharged to be honest. 
So here we go. This is my latest canvas made with love. 

This practice has surely made me more forgiving and giving. There are many changes in the way I handle some challenges and there is more clarity in the way I handle a particular emotion or issue. I can see the change in myself. And I can see the change in my self for good. 

BTW I am just spreading a word on behalf of a dear fellow Artist.I know it can be frightening to paint faces (I was too once upon a time not so long ago) And the best is she is giving out her 1st months lesson free to download. I am posting the blurb below that I shared on FB in case you missed it. She would love you to try first and then buy her yearly lesson and her early bird offer ends on 1st. Dec 2013 (US time). 

""" Let me guess, you decided that you're not an artist because you can't even draw a stick figure or straight line. Kat McBride, from, knows that she can teach anyone, yup you too, how to draw and paint with her Let's Draw and Paint Gorgeous Girls class. Gorgeous Girls is a year long mixed media art class aimed at beginners and it is restarting January 1st 2014 at the Beta price of $197. Do you think you can't draw or paint? Try her freebie lesson all about drawing and painting Glamorous faces, it just happens to be the first lesson of Gorgeous Girls 2014. Check it out! 

Need more info on exactly what the class offers? Clickity click right here:

I hope this helps some of you who are starting off. 

Much love and light
Prerna Poojara
Catalyst for Creative Compassion. 

PS : no I dont have a affiliate to this class but I love recommending it because she has really poured her heart out in this workshop and you can see it from the pdf you download. 

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