Monday, November 11, 2013

Infinite Buddhas of Compassion Project

Namaste spirited beings

As promised I am back here sooner than I usually drop by. 

There has been a lot of lovely energy floating around my home post some decluttering (some stuff found loving homes through freecycle) some cleaning and cleansing (incense and bells chiming). I have been creating in my studio in-spite of the ongoing festivities. I mentioned in my last post that this creative buzzing has taken over me since the beginning of the Diwali. My muse hollered as I painted backgrounds and layers (I am an intuitive painter so I usually don't pre plan anything) that she wanted me to paint a series of buddhas.  Hmmmm ok. I have always carved them on soft stone and painted a few here and there. Lucky for me we (me and my muse can have loud conversations without being labeled crazy LOL). So off I went splashing paint on several canvases and wood that night. And next day morning as I was writing my morning pages she whispered yes.... series of buddhas but with an intent....Hmmmm ok. And off glided my intent of spreading compassion one stroke at a time.

And the intent just flowed easily - with every stroke I painted every line I painted I wanted to send out compassionate energy. And with every Buddha that I finished (I can take ages to finish a painting for no reason but now I am eager to finish them) I wanted zillions of compassionate energy sent out into the world. And because I wish to send out this energy I paint the Buddha daily. A sketch, a painting, a small panel anything. My sacred journey began last week and I have found immense joy in what I am doing. Painting always gave me joy. But this has taken my joy beyond compare.    

This seems perfect. In alignment with my life. Buddha is not new to me. For me its a state of mind. His teachings are what I really really believe in. I am not into religion as such. I am more about energy, spiritual being and compassion. 

Initially I thought I will paint say 28 Buddhas (as a personal challenge for myself so I could explore various mediums and supplies that have been around) but then as I painted away I dint want to stop at 28 hence the idea of "Infinite Budddhas of compassion project" is born. However  I want this to be a collective effort. I would like to gather like minded souls who can paint the Buddhas wherever in the world you are and send out gazzzzzaaaaalllllions of compassionate energy. This world needs it. And together we can do wonders. Use any medium, any size and share it with the energy with the world. Paint Buddhas or symbols of Buddhas or Taras. The key here is to set an intent that you are sending out compassionate energy with every stroke and it shall manifest in the most magical manner for you and your surroundings.  

Let me know if you are in. I will add you to the FB group where you can raise the energy with fellow participants. I would so love you to join me. 

These are the first three paintings on reclaimed wood. I have like 5 more mini and 2 small canvases going on. I will share the energy soon.

I would love to hear from you and your thoughts and of course join me in this journey. 

Much love and light

You can add your link here if you wish to join (optional)


Jill Marie said...

Love, Love, Love this soul ~ inspired idea to bring more compassion into this physical world!!!!

Gloria Gypsy said...

I would love to be a part of this project. I will comment on the post you shared in Sacred Art of Women on fb so you can find me there and add me to your fb group.

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you so much Jill.

Prerna Poojara said...

wonderful Gloria. I have added you into the group. Namaste. the buddha in me greets the buddha in you.

Maya Telford said...

please add me to your facebook group as I would love to participate

Maya Telford said...

please add me to your project. tx

Prerna Poojara said...

Hi Maya Telford

So glad to have you join us.

I just added you on Google Plus community and I sent you a friend request - I cant add you unless we are friends. Or alternately you can directly ask to be added in the group (click the join the group button)

Melissa Dowling said...

Prerna I looooove this project and the loving intent behind it. i can FEEL your love and comapssion and passion through your post. Please add me, it will be a little while before I can paint but I'd love to join you and this fablous cause.

Prerna Poojara said...

Mellisa thank you for your lovely words. I am so glad you can feel it. I have added you into the FB group and so look forward to your lovely energy.

Francie said...

Yesterday I had begun "compassion" postings on my timeline and I've got a few lined up. Now I see this. Yes! Of course I want to be a part of this project! I'm smiling!!!

Prerna Poojara said...

Hi Francie,

Isn't it exiting when we get such signs? I love it.

Much love and light. May you always keep smiling.

So glad you have joined us.