Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy New Year - as per the Hindu Calendar - Namaste


We had a week of Diwali Celebrations with lots of light, crackers, sweets, rangolis (btw am going to continue the tradition of Rangolis - I just fell in love this time) etc here in India. 

At the beginning of the Diwali week I started painting a few backgrounds on some canvases and I have been having a surge of energy since then, a masssssive burst and the ideas are getting into some action one step at a time. More about that later. But sooooon I promise. I am so exited I cant wait for it to be out into the world for too long anyways. 

But to begin with I started my new year (as per the Hindu calendar) ie Monday 4th. Nov 2013 with a lovely little cleansing activity, a small diya (light) by the altar and morning pages and thennnnnn the first thing that I painted was this lovely Ganesha for my altar. He looks so sweet and the gaze just mesmerizes me from where I sit on my dining table and create or write. Ganesha is the obstacle remover and one of the most artistically inclined Gods. Artistically in the sense one can create him in infinite number of forms - one has to visit India especially Mumbai during the Ganesh Festival to know what I am talking. You will find him in various forms and styles including playing cricket, drums, doctor etc.   

However my muse has an idea. She wanted me to create 108 Ganesha's - no deadline - just as and when and once 108 is done start the next series. 108 is also the number of names the Ganesha has, and the number of mantras and 108 is also the number of rosary beads that we pray with. 

I have forever created the Ganesha in any form of art that I may have pursued form time to time. Paper Quilling, Paper Machae, Hand Pottery what not. I made sure I made the Ganesha when I started creating a new Art.    

So here we go. I plunge in. I have no idea how it will go. But I am putting it out there because I would so love some of you to join me if you would like. I have also created a FB group for us like minded folks. Join me if your heart is calling. I will number my Ganesha's as 1of108 Ganeshas and so on. You can do the same if you like. 

I hope to see you soon. 

Much love and light

PS : you can link up your blog too if you are participating (it is totally optional) but it would be great to visit you and share the love and light.

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