Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I send out pure energy as I create my Buddhas today.


BTW Namaste means "The Buddha in me greets the Buddha in you" 

I finished this small 8"x8" panel on wood yesterday. It has layers and layers of colors. It seems to be giving out infinite white light into the universe from the heart center. I follow an intuitive process of painting, background, free hand sketch and what ever else that comes to my mind at that time. 

I have been keeping a check on my thoughts while painting - and concentrating on my breadth. Funny when you monitor the thoughts they simply vanish. I realize it is important to keep my thoughts in check if I wanted to send out the right energy and believe me it is helping me being more in the meditative state. 

In case you have missed the earlier posts the Buddha is created with an intent to send out infinite compassion into the world and I am not alone in this journey. Here is the earlier post to let you know more about it.

I have been following a small practice daily - using incense and bells to cleanse the house/studio daily in the morning. A nice morning page. My intent becomes a part of it and the gratitudes are included. And then the paintings begin. I have not yet got into the habit of meditating before I paint. But I guess the morning pages covers it. Is there a particular ritual you follow before you infuse you energy into your paintings? Would love to know. 

BTW here is my tattoo which reads This too Shall Pass when I fold my hands in prayer (thanking or in distress) and it always takes me to the center. It always calms me down. 

Tomorrow I will share with you my almost completed Canvas and a lovely food for thought for all for 2014. I had an amazing session yesterday with a lovely goddess.  

Much love and light
Prerna Poojara

BTW we now have a google +community too if you would like to join. 

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