Monday, July 1, 2013

My studio : A wonderful place to create Magic

Hiiiiiii wonderful friends

I am sharing with you today my studio which is actually my drawing room which has an open kitchen. So yes all the places flow into each other. And the bedroom and Bathroom are right behind accessed by a small little passage.

So here you go.

This is where I work when I am painting on paper or smaller pieces - my dinning table. I rarely eat here.... So its officially my Art and Craft table and my laptop table too. It has most of the supplies right next to me at arms length and the kitchen sink right behind and if I run short of space I use the kitchen slab to keep stuff as I go.Oh and the table has a little fridge. So its comfy to work on for long long hours.

Here is the whole stash of jewelry making stuff, the beads, threads, and what not on the far left side. And paints etc on the right side next to the table. And now that I found not one but two lovely classes on I am going to use this section a lot.

On the opposite side is the easel. If I have a larger painting I can easily hang it on the chains which shift on the wall behind and paint. The corner is ideal for my paintings as it get lots and lots of direct sunlight as you can see and also has tube lights right above if I choose to work at night. And has a small ledge on the window to keep water and paints. If there are too many they go on the high chair.

This is the table on the left of the easel has my metal enameling set up and I work on it once in a while. Of course I need to shift the enamel color boxes etc before I start the Kiln. I am still learning metal enameling. So its going to be a slow process. I love the freedom of my canvas and acrylics. This one I got to develop.

On top of the kiln is my altar. So when I sit on my table to work I face the altar and am so happy to receive the wonderful energy from the divine space.

So I hope you guys loved the tour around my wonderful studio where a lot of magic happens.

See ya soon. Am off to wonderland.

Much love and light

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