Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Favorite Background Stencil did not cost me a dime

Hi happy mix media artists

 Just a quick small post to tell you that my favorite background stencil is practically free. Dint spend a dime on it and dint spend any time creating it.

 I have used it in a lot of places (in parts)

 here (right bottom)

Top Right Corner in the following two

Any guesses??? 

It wraps around a bottle????

Here you go. I don't know whats it called but keeps the bottles from slipping when you handle them. I love the way you can cut it up and use it as a stencil. 

I also like this 2nd one. I use the feather portion which was a part of the invitation once. These days a lot of cards/invites are laser cut. Look around and you may find many other options.

Here is how it looks.

Would love to hear back from you about your nifty ideas.

Much love and light


Naomi Novella said...

Lovely work! That last painting is awesome! I'm visiting here from emerging artists on G+.

Shawn Mosch said...


Shawn Mosch ~ The Buckle Boutique Design Team Coordinator
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Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Naomi and Shawn.I cant see my earlier replies it seems.