Monday, August 12, 2013

My home reflects who I am. Come take a peek

Hello angels

I just thought of sharing my home with you. It totally reflects who I am. Lots of art on the walls, ceilings and door and lobby. Its a feast to ones eyes. These are all created over a period of time. Sometimes to kill insomnia LOL.

Most of these have been spontaneous and I just love every bit of them.

Here is the lobby. These are hand carved siporex blocks (soft stone look like Kiln Blocks). Every block is individually carved out and then hand painted. These line the entry or the common lobby before one enters my home.

This one is the wall on the entry of my door. Just where the door bell is set. Brought a wee bit of sunset around. And this is the door from the outside. The symbols are sacred. The Artoholic's Lair colorful name plate is indicative of what lies beyond this door. A creative den.

A wee bit of fun art on one of the wall leading to the bedroom. I had these wooden discs lying around and they turned into colorful flowers and one thing lead to the other. 

The authentically cut and soldered stain glass hanging light. It was a long process and no one makes them here these days. I was lucky to find a great teacher to teach me.

The bedroom ceiling has some funk day and night theme around the lights.

My ever energizing altar in the living room cum studio.

The door inside of the door

Plus I have lots of art on the wall as you must have seen it on my earlier post and of course if you have not visited my studio please do take a peek here.

Thank you for stopping by and I would love to hear from you.

Much love and light

PS: The triple spiral stencils are from Whitney Freya's Artual Sacred Symbol Line. They are gorgeous. 

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