Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Wall of Fame - The flexibility of hanging my Artworks

Dear Friends

I just decided to share with you my WALL OF FAME.

I have a tiny house but what makes it welcoming is a lovely high sloping ceiling (probably 13 or 15 ft High). It is the highlight of the house. Litererally. It is painted a sunny yellow (a good friend advised me and I am not regretting it - though yellow was once upon a time not my favorite color)

So at the end of the wall which is the tallest side I got these curtain rails fixed (the kinds that have a groove and hold a hook to hang curtains) so I could hang my paintings of various dimensions and at various height with the help of transparent thread.

No nailing, No paintings on the floor and a ready display of all the gorgeous messages that my paintings contain.

My Wall of Fame

Close up of the Fittings.

Just thought this would help fellow artists to organize and utilize some wall space without having to deal with drills and nails.

Since my drawing room is my studio it kind of blends itself well and is a great conversation starter with guests.

I am going to share my studio with you soon so stay tuned.

Lots of love and sunshine.

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