Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy International Soul Art Day

Hello dear angels

Wish you all a very happy International Soul Art Day. I spent the day (its already evening here) finishing this mix media piece I shared a while back. And starting a new one.

So here goes the story of this little mix media piece on canvas. The message it shares with us all is that as we go deeper into our life as we meditate or are awake we need to download pure unconditional love in our souls and that Gratitude is the key (the word gratitude is pouring into the orb the letter E being the key and it buds into a new little life) to our happiness. There are lots of symbols here that you will relate to.

I am full of gratitude as I begin my journey today as a creatively fit coach - and explore my artist within with Whitney Ferre thanks to two lovely souls (including Whitney) who gave me this lovely soulful opportunity. I can assure you all going into the rabbit hole from time to time and exploring the changes have been worth it.

I have used paper, acrylic paints, water colors, charcoal, embroidery threads and love.

I hope you enjoy the painting and the messages.

You can also celebrate today by signing for a free guided journey today at Laura Hollic's Hurry the journey has already begun.

Much love and light to every one.


Gina said...

Such a beautiful piece...glad you are now at one with your creative self...and the universe :D XXX

Simona Cordara said...

Love her!

delores said...

So lovely

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the soulstudio link - Emma