Friday, November 14, 2014

Lets declare every day as Children's Day.

Hello happy souls

Today is Children's Day. And those who know me, you know that I don't follow any of these specific days as such. I am usually a go with the flow gal.
But I totally believe every day should be children's day. Every day we should do something that makes us child like. Every day we need to keep our inner children alive, heal them, make them happy.

Sometimes I feel this day was not meant for the kids but to remind us to go out and do something that we loved doing as a child or dint do as a child. Its not for the kids. They are kids and they do have fun and remain kids till we keep telling them.... grow up. Of course when we grow up we want to be like kids again.

So this children's day go out have fun, jump, skip, hop, have an ice cream, climb trees, do what ever that floats your boat. I dare you... lol. That reminds me I never floated a boat when I was a kid. Eh. So here is my sketch wishing you all a Children's day.

Its not possible to stay there all the time. Of course life comes in the way. There will be dark times. Not all childhoods may have been wonderful for every one. But there is always a beginning. So yes happy beginnings to finding our inner child. Find it more often. Play more often. If not more than at least once a day. And most importantly fear less and believe in yourself more. Remember those days when our dreams dint scare us? Yes those...

The artwork inspired by a lesson in Radiant:Faces (Thank you Effy Wild from the bottom of my heart.) and taught by Joanne Sharpe.

There is lots in this artwork. Encouraging words, And some subtle hints like.... Question Marks... we have all forgotten to ask questions like we used to when we were kids. And yes we need to ask often.
So here we go....

This is also for some of us artists who get stuck or just when we put too much pressure on ourselves to produce great art always.... which we know is not possible all the time. Let go. Play. Doodle. Sketch. Make that imperfect but joyous art like we used to when we were kids. Paint outside the lines. Go crazy. Put all your energy into that brush/crayon/pencil you are holding. And it will flow. Let your inner child let loose. And just enjoy the process. Create for the joy of creating.  
May you find the magic. May you still believe in angels.
I would love to hear from you how you keep your inner child happy. So do share and inspire all of us.
Happiness and joy and magic
Prerna Poojara
Catalyst for creative compassion.


Indigene Theresa said...

I agree with you! Every day should be a day that we incorporate play, magic and laughter, as adults we tend to be so serious and forget the idea of play. Children remind us of this and they keep us all young in spirit. I loved this post and I could feel your child-like spirit! :)

Kim Switzer said...

I love the artwork! And definitely every day should have some play time for our inner children. Play is so important for our creative lives! My favorite play is coloring. Simple, doesn't take up much space, and takes me right back to happy childhood times.

Prerna Poojara said...

So glad you like the post Indigine and Kim.