Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I got rid of the box...

Hello Creative beings
Here is a look at my latest tiny little Ganeshas (4"x4") for the 108 Ganeshas Project. I have been going slow on that one for a while now. I realized I could amp up the energy by trying to sketch a few out. And take it from there.
I had some water color play works from my 21 days meditation challenge. So they were full of vibrant energy. Next I remembered Julie Gibbons class from Radiant: Faces where she drew her faces within a circle. Well I had painted on a round canvas already. But this was nice. So I decided to try out something new.
I sketched and painted the Ganeshas within a circle ( I told ya I got rid of the box :)) and once done I used a green chart paper to stick those lovely circles on and a wee bit of yummy border and they look pretty.
And they are already booked by some one who wants to gift them. All 6 of them are going to lovely places. yay. The good thing about these small babies is that I can anytime look back get inspired and work on a larger canvas piece as and when I wished to.

So here they are. My no 13 to 18 for the 108 Ganeshas project. I would for you to join our little group.

Water colors, Paper, some gel pens and a whole lot of love. Aren't they cute???? I love the fact that we can constantly learn so much from one another.

And yes no more box no more thinking outside or inside the box. We are creative beings. We are not afraid to paint outside the lines. And that opens up a whole new world for us. With the Ganesha's blessings of course.
Much love and light
Prerna Poojara
Catalyst for Creative Compassion

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Simona C. said...

Love your round Ganeshas!! :)