Friday, December 6, 2013

I so want to kick myself right now. Arrrrrrrggggggg

Hi soul friends

Here is a little bit of mystery solved for me. And now it feels silly because its been very obvious and I have been ignoring the signs and symbols. And I paint intuitively so this should have been something very very obvious. Its about the moon cycle. 

We have always celebrated Diwali considering I am a Hindu. But I always remembered the reason for celebrating it as the mythological one ie. story of return of Rama post exile etc. And thats one of the reasons I kind of never enjoyed celebrating it whole heartedly. Don't get me wrong - I love mythology. But I like to follow rituals that have some reason and meaning to me. Alas there was no valid explanation to the huge gift exchange, traffic, noise and air pollution and anxiety over food to be cooked by the dozens and all that.So I used to keep it low key. If I could I would simply enjoy at home and chill. This Diwali however the notion changed. Stay with me. I read the actual reason it is celebrated with lights and crackers etc is because it is the darkest of the new moon and hence the rituals to keep the evil at bay. Hmmmmmm now that made sense. And I could accept it. And I truly enjoyed my festival this time with rangolis, the diyas and prayers.

Since then I have been wanting to study the moon calendar and information has been pouring in. But this one simply laded in my lap. The book - Create a Dynamic Year 2014 by Lisa Michaels. I was lucky because it was free for a couple of days. And this book turned out to be just what I wanted. I love the way universe functions. Ask and you shall receive. BTW in India we have always followed the Hindu calendar which is the moon cycle since ages. But alas it is not taught in school. We still follow this calendar for all special occasions like marriages, pooja ceremonies, starting a new shop etc and with the help of a priest.  

So here is the painting that I finally understood. The reason I say understood is I usually treat my canvas as a huge art journal and a conversation with my self. So this piece spoke to me in pieces. Two weeks back she insisted I paint stars around her and also a crescent moon and a sun. And she was persistent. I gave in. I thought perhaps she is a Tara. I knew from day one she was about unveiling. I was not too sure if she was done so she sat there in my studio silently. And as soon as I read the book I realized oh dear she has been wanting me to follow the elements of nature and the moon calendar.

Unveiling - Acrylic on Canvas. 
And I suddenly realized the moon, the sun the elements of nature have been in so many of my paintings. I just want not paying attention to the symbol. I do feel silly. See what I mean? I dread to go check all the pics now. 

So the universe is your friend. It will guide you gently till you learn your lesson and awareness is the key. Just because I painted for fun did not mean I should have not taken my symbols seriously. Lesson learnt.

This year the Amazing Business and Life Calendars and Workbooks will be used differently.

I would love to hear your story if you related to this and have encountered something similar.

Much love and light
Prerna Poojara
Catalyst for Creative Compassion


TheCrazyCrone said...

I really enjoyed reading your post and your art is lovely. I always think that the universe takes us by the hand and leads us to where we need to be at any one time in our lives, so just be joyous at what is opening up for you, you're doing really lovely artwork. xx

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you so much. I visited your site and what a delight. I liked your FB page ArtyFarty. Love the name. Thank you Mo (I suppose I can call you MO?) for dropping by and encouraging me.

Much love and light

TheCrazyCrone said...

Oh, yes, by all means call me Mo. It's short for Maureen but after I spent two years in the UK in 2002-4 and everyone called me Mo, I decided I really liked it and adopted it. I think using the word "Arty-Farty" keeps me from taking myself too seriously!

Monique's Life's True Colours said...

Hi Prerna! Love your post and your art! I've seen some of your YT videos, beautiful work! I can sometimes feel how your intuitive proces flows and I am right there with you creating that canvas. ;-)
I can also relate to your story here. I also beleive the Universe gives us what we ask for, guides us to finding what we desire. I love finding these treasures and it doesn't matter how long it takes us to see them, even if they are right in front of our eyes. Beleive me, I've been
I wish you many more joyous conversations with the Universe and beautiful mooncicles!
Ow, I 'found' Leoni Dawson this year, the Universe brought her to me. Probably because I have asked for help with shining my light brighter and starting a biz of my own. Just finished the closing of 2013 ceremony and it feels great!
Happy Creating!

Prerna Poojara said...

that's really wonderful Mo. :-)

Prerna Poojara said...

thank you Monique for your wonderful words. I am glad you found Leonie. btw I am intrigued about the yt channel. I don't have any videos. :-(