Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Scribbling isn't just child's play - Its for grownups too.

Hi lovelies,

Its been a loooooong time.

Back again after long cuz its pretty darn difficult to type with one hand at the speed of thought. All is well now (I had a broken wrist - left hand)

My one functional wrist meant restricted art. But no art meant a restless soul. So I had to find a way to Art. And then I remembered my Creative Fit Coaching. It was not so long ago that Whitney had coaxed us to scribble in one of her coaching sessions. So scribble I did. It was not about creating pretty pictures but letting my heart and soul connect and the scribbles would have their own messages and meanings for me.

I remember I scribbled as child.I rediscovered scribbles during the creatively fit program.

I remember I scribbled when I was on the phone.

I also remember I scribbled while I was at work and sometimes in a conference or meeting table. And heck contrary to anyones belief I still retained all the talks during those conferences. In fact they helped me actually concentrate more.

I could scribble with just about any pen and paper at my work desk. I scribbled when I was pissed. While I would be silently listening to the person complaining away. And I would tell them go on. Don't mind my scribbling. Thats the only way I can objectively listen.

And the scribbles came back to me again. And thats when I understood it was a form of a creative outlet for me. A beginning of a journey. I discovered the joy of scribbling with water colors during the Creatively Fit coaching.  It was so much fun.

So I remembered the scribbles from the creatively fit lessons and scribbled away to glory with my one hand and I have been a happy soul. It helped me lift my spirits.

Don't let anyone tell you scribbling is for kids. Its way too much fun. You can scribble anywhere. Anytime and you can scribble for a short while and actually feel your energy shift. Whitney has some magical programs. you can check them out here.

So on the agenda are many many new things. But the most exiting is my dear friend Amy's offering "Dancing with your Dreams" She has put together a gorgeous line up of such energetic teachers. The combination is a dream come true. The first lesson is already released and there have been some yummy treats. I wont let the secret out. You need to go check it for yourself.

Stay tuned as I have some new products lined up, some new posts and I was thinking some DIY's. Its time to share.

Much love and light being sent your way.

PS: I am an affiliate of creatively fit and dancing with your dreams so I will earn a small affiliate fee if you sign up through my link. But I am recommending them because I love them and I have been a part of the process. I would have anyways recommended them.

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