Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Journal that I won arrived from Stephie of Blueberry Blonde all the way here (India) from there (Wisconsin)


This is an exited hi. You must have guessed why. Yay my handmade journal from Stephie of Blueberry Blonde arrived. The journal is oh so gorgeous. Its travel related - here to there.

This is the cover of the journal that came in.

The envelope pouch was stashed with goodies with a lot of travel based theme. And just yesterday I requested my friends to keep some maps for me from their travels (because I could not find mine) and lo I do have some in my journal kit.

And what I loved best was this little handwritten note from Stephie with a free set of gift tags in a lovely handmade pouch which is hand stitched and stained with coffee. Wow.

And here is a peek at the contents. They are sooo many and sooo awesome.

These are limited edition journals and love love love mine. Just a couple of days back I was wondering if I should order one from Amazon or make a new one and here it arrives at my door the very next day.

The journal is so pretty I just have to unblock my fear to not spoil it and simply work on it. See how my word of the year is already helping me? (In case you missed you can check out my post here)

Thank you Stephie once again from the bottom of my heart. Your gift means a lot to me and I shall cherish this forever. You really added a lot of new goodies to the envelope. It was difficult to put them all back in. :) Hope you have a wonderful 2013.

You might want to pop by and see what all it contains at

Love and Light.

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Amy said...

What a beautiful, wonderful gift! Enjoy!

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Amy, Its very pretty. Lots of lil goodies to play with. :)

Karrlin Bain said...

That is AWESOME ~ Congratulations!

Jude said...

Wow, congratulations. That is one beautiful journal.

Indigene said...

Absolutely gorgeous! It will be great fun for you as you fill it with your creativity! :)

Prerna Poojara said...

Karrlin, thank you. :)

Prerna Poojara said...

Yes Jude. And loved the idea of lil things in a pocket envelope attached. Makes it so much easier to journal when you dont have to stuff.

Prerna Poojara said...

Indigene, all I have to do is either actually travel or just go to lala land and dream and fill it in. Will share as I go.

Blueberry Blonde said...

Glad you received the journal before the New Year Prerna! And how wonderful you've already chosen your word for the new year! I've always loved making journals but never really filled them. They were just too precious. But over the past year I've been toying with the idea of art journaling and stumbled upon Effy Wild's Book of Days and with that in mind I've nearly filled my Here to There journal with a 2012 catch-up. I've realized that in order to have a journal be precious it really should be filled with precious things! So, I've taken the leap and hand bound another, larger, journal for the 2013 BOD course with Effy! I really want my 2013 to be filled with art-ing! I've also decided to take Mindy Murphy Lacefields True Free Spirit class and I may possibly be taking Life Book 2013 and more if I can find the time! Last year was the first time I'd ever made a New Years Resolution and chose a word / phrase to reflect my goal: PAINT MORE. You are not alone in not having done a resolution before! But with the choosing of a word of intent made it more attainable, right? This year my word / phrase is CREATE. Enjoy your journal dear girl! Enjoy your New Year! Embrace your unlocking! ~All the best, Stephie

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you so much Stephie aka Blueberry Blonde. My god you are really doing a lot in 2013. Life Book and BOD and True Free Spirit. I have to look up the True Free Spirit class. Not yet heard a about it. Or may be I missed it on the forums. I hope I can unblock my fears soon and create in your beautiful journal. Love and Light. Have a great 2013. And yes Create and Create and Create. You might just love my next post. Keep an eye. ;)