Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 – My year of learning about ART the Kindergarten Way

Hi Every one,

2012 for me was like going back to K.G (even that has an ART in it see) or my drawing board. And as the year ends I introspect at 5am kinds and at that odd moment I realize my mind is playing scrabble but in a nice logical way. Most of these are 4 letter words LOL. So here is what I learnt and a fun way to remember the year gone by like an ABC.

ART – Create more Art and more Art and more Art. The more you create the more you will learn and get better. There is no shortcut to this. I decided to create 100 bad canvases till I got that first one right. And I was not disappointed. Yes I do have some unfinished piece but who said I was in a competition. Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished? Yes; work never begun. — Christina Rossetti, Author

bARTer – Barter your services with your Art. Its not always about money. Like professional photography for Art pieces? A workshop in lieu of VA? Lots of options here. There is no need to worry that you don’t have enough resources. There is abundance.

cART – Ahhh you can add a paypal cart/button to your free blog to start selling your blog. You don’t need to invest in a expensive website. I made that mistake. The darn thing took ages I lost patience and it was worthless. I feel like a complete idiot for agreeing to it. I agreed only because I felt you needed a brand name with a dot com nothing else in front or back as a web address. Unless you are into off line marketing store the branding does not work as much as the key names. This is quick and easy and you are up and running in no time. Once you make some money and understand the nittys go ahead and build one. Just run a google check to know about the codes. Even if you have a domain name you can link it to your blog and keep the reins in your hands to have the freedom to create your webpage.

dART – Focus Focus Focus – focus on something and try to get good at it. There are so so so many options, acrylic, water color, mix media, digital and what not. Try not to do all at a time. Dabble in all but come back and choose logically what you love doing what makes you happy and focus on that. And focus especially if there is a subject that freezes you. Like I had a problem with drawing faces and I decided to take it up. And I have never looked back.

fART – Ahhh yes some times all you got to do is nothing. Give yourself a break. Just nurture yourself. And for the uninitiated even when we are not romancing our brushes we are thinking concepts 24/7. Sometimes you got to just chill and the muse grins and walks by. In fact some times even a novel, a movie or just a dreamworld will offer you some great ideas. (In fact you must watch Shortcut to Happiness - great movie)

HeART – Art from your heart. If you feel connected with the divine and create it will show in your work. It has to make you feel happy and the energy will travel all the way.

kART –just a twist of the word what the heck we are artists - don’t have to buy on impulse and you don’t need everything – spend some time checking the products online before you buy. Spend some time at store. Take your time. And once in a while just drool over them and come back and check your shelf. You might be a hoarder like me. LOL

mART – Now there are a lot of online selling mArts that will multiply your product opportunities. Like if you sketch you need not just sell your originals, they could be prints, pillow cases, keychains, Tshirts etc at some very efficient print mARTSs. Some of the most popular are zazzel, café press, redbubble, deviantart.

pART – learn to PART with your ART. If you are on rule no 1. i.e create and create and create more ART you might just wonder what to do with the art especially if you are arting for fun more than business. Spread the joy. Gift it away or leave it for random strangers wherever you go to spread happiness. There are some groups online too which will keep you motivated. Make sure you put a small note explaining it’s a gift visibly and ideally the art also visible else you will run a bomb scare.

quART – Go ahead and buy some art material in bulk. Its economical.

stART – Some times we feel stuck. I did for a while. Let go of the fear. Just go ahead and start. Scratch, scribble, splash. Just do it. Don’t worry. Start with cheaper materials so you don’t have to worry about cost. But stART – there is no alternate to that. It feels great. Remember what Andy Warhol said - Don't think about making art, just get it done, Let every one else decide if its good or bad, weather they love it or hate it and while they are at it, create more Art.

tART – treat yourself from time to time. I have a sweet tooth. LOL. If possible everyday.

wARTs – there will be some of those iky moments. Never mind. Treat them as a part of the game. Its temporary. Treat it. Let it just pass. And some times people you may know also might behave like warts. Let them be. See if there is any logic and improve or just don’t bother about their opinions. It does not matter. What matters is how happy you are. Unless someone is giving you any constructive criticism ignore the hell.

zenART – learn to make your own words and own style. Invent. Re-discover. But never ever try to create ART like some one else or try to copy some one’s style. If your art is not taking you in the Zen Zone you might be doing it wrong???? Stressing too much to be like some one else? Paint like some else? Sing like some one else? Relax. I know the pressure of selling your art and trying to make money will make you want to crack. Rewind, rest, ask for help. It’s a wide wide world. Remember there are no shortcuts to happiness.

And of course my word for 2013 all ready and created. If you missed the post about it here it is

While I release 2012 I keep my learning close to my heart and step into 2013. And I wish all of you a great great year. May this year be special full of happiness.

Much love and light, and prayers for everyone who is suffering.

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Blueberry Blonde said...

What a creative, wonderful and thoughtful list! ART is truly everywhere we just have to know how to look for it, see it and then we can use it as a source for inspiration! ~Stephie

Prerna Poojara said...

Hey Stephie, thank you. glad you enjoyed the post. yes there is ART every where. :) so you can be creative in so many ways.

Jill Marie said...

I have been thinking about how you artistically wrote your word out and am SO glad you put a picture if the finished masterpiece! I can't what to share my word is such an beautiful way :) Thank you so much!

Effy said...

Completely adorable.

mothertiger said...

Very clever...very inspiring.

Jude said...

Wow, this is such an inspiring post. I love it.

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Effy. Your visit means a lot to me. Glad you like it.

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Jill Marie. I need a little bit of inspiration to keep me going. This is hung up where I can see it daily. Look forward to your word taking a shape and form Jill. :)

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Mothertiger

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Jude. Glad you love it. It was one of those days when I had to get it out. Else it would have haunted me and not allowed me to sleep in peace.

Amy said...

I have to say, you are on fire!!! Burning with ideas, and art, and sharing; I love it! Blessed New Year to you, friend!

Prerna Poojara said...

Amy, I have no idea whats happening. I have been just chilled out for so long. And its like I am pushed to get it all out there. God bless you too my friend.

Patricia said...

What an inspiring post, thank you so much for sharing (by the way I love your art)

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Patricia. Glad you like it and happy to know you love my art. That wants me to keep going. :)

Coleen said...

Fun, Prerna. Following you now. Hope you'll come by and follow on my blog as well. Another fun way to be connected. Blessings in 2013.

Coleen, an American in Ukraine

Prerna Poojara said...

Coleen, What a pleasure to be connected. Yes am coming right over. :) Love and Light and all the happiness for 2013 and beyond.