Friday, August 3, 2012

My Window Garden

Hey all green lovers,

I was recently guided, gently reminded about doing stuff that made me happy.  Since I was already following my heART I kind of kept digging (!) in my mind literally and dint take more than a few minutes to get my answers. Gardening - I always had one but some where down the line had given it up and I remembered it used to make me happy. I used to spend my sunday's (when I used to work i.e 24/7-9am to never ending jobs) tending to the garden and once I moved in to my new house I could not re-create it or wire it around my schedule. So then began my journey. But this time I dint want to grow ornamentals I wanted to grow stuff I used all the time. And I found some great resources and started off. Smita's (, short workshop helped me to understand some basics better and  was helpful as usual. A Khamba (not what you guys are thinking please) from was on my list for ever. Since they dint have a small size I went about making my own. More about that in a different post.

Here are some pics to show you guys.... Its been fun, its been satisfying. And since the pigeons were giving me a hard time I installed a net on my window and my plants are happy.

Here is my Tomato and Brinjal Plant I guess around two months old post transplant and is flowering. Its windy though and the flowers drop off some times.

My Coriander/Dhania/Cilantro is still to grow. They do take longer than I expected.

Spinach - The initial ones got eaten away by the birds before I put the net. The lone survivor is growing well.

I had some small Baskets that I hung hung vertically to grow methi. When you have little space you got to be innovative. :) By the way my fenugreek seeds were old when I tried before and dint grow. Else they are a breeze. Just two days to start growing and these are a week or so old.

One more space saver... Since I de-cluttered and let go of a lot of things this corner rack was unused and was perfect for Methi (Fenugreek)

Green Leaf Tea.....

Kadi Patta and Tulsi (similar to Basil) The basil had some lovely seeds - just cut them once dried and shared it with a neighbor.

These are my self watering planters out of beer bottles. Will probably grow some mint in it.

And my garden spilleth over...into my home... :)

In my service area which gets filtered light. I believe ginger is fine with filtered light so have placed this huge bucket with ginger here.

And some more Methi in the service area on top of a Washing Machine.

Its easy peasy.

Will keep posting as I go.

Happy green life...



Queries - Earthoholics said...

Hey Prerna...its a fab job gona share it with all the beginners....keep it up...and never give up on greeeeeeeen....
Love & Regards,
Smita Shirodkar

Prerna Poojara said...

Hey Smita, Anytime. Its been a pleasure. Keep up the good work.