Thursday, August 2, 2012

AIMS Altar

Hi beautiful souls

Welcome to my posts on my experience on the Angels In My Studio course.

To begin with I have to share my experience with you on day one where in I saw/heard and followed the instruction video to help clearing blocks to my creativity by Michael and then the video recording of how Sheri went about creating her Altar. I saw this in the night (two days back) and decided to redo my already existing altar. Most Indian homes have a temple in their homes while I always have had an open altar. As soon as I went into my bathroom I noticed in the dark on the ceiling the light was filtering through from some where and reflecting back like angel wings. Unfortunately I could not take any pics as it was totally dark on the ceiling and on switching on the lights the effect was lost. It was almost like a confirmation that I was on the right track.

Now on to my altar's before after versions.

Here is the pic of the altar before I modified it. I had lots of Ganesha's. A Ganesha Frame on Left, in the center from left I have a small Ganesha in silver, then a small ganesha frame, a small goddess in metal, then a bell (it has a very beautiful sound) a 5 faced ganesha in stone, a oil lamp in glass (which has some water and oil on top) behind it is a dancing ganesha on a old oil lamp, a dowser and angel in the small trinket box and on the right shelf I have my tarot cards and incense stick container. The center has a lovely carved wooden piece with bell. I also had a hanging metal oil lamp in the the shape of a peacock.

Now for the changes...

I removed the Ganesha Frames as the trunk of the Ganeshas was facing Right and needs special rituals. On the Left side I added a tall blue candle, a small budha painting 2"x2", a floral shape metal incense cone holder, below that I hung some dried flowers. In the centre  I added a bowl of water - loved the idea that Sheri shared about using the water for painting, then proped up the incense stick holder, the oil lamp in the glass and the 5 faced stone ganesha idol (Ganesha is the Indian version of ArchAngel Michael), in the front of the ganesha is a small silver ganesha, a silver OM and a silver Buddha Pendant, a tiny crystal, the bell, the trinket box with the dowser and the angel now propped up on colorful stones. The right side has the Tarot Cards - I have the Reider Waite cards wrapped in green scarf and the Oracle Goddess Cards in the box propped up which has a tree of life painting. I had one more tarot deck that I removed as I some how dint resonate with it. All these were placed on a nice green and red scarf.

Here is the closeup of the angel (I already had this and was always on my altar in the trinket box (open)

The Altar faced my living room which is also my studio where I paint and has lots of light falling on it and energizing the crystals, angels and the altar.

Will keep modifing as I go and perhaps make it more colorful.

Love and Light.


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