Thursday, January 1, 2015

Embrace the "C" word this 2015 and beyond

Hi gorgeous shining souls

Heads up. If you don't like the F word. Skip the first para... But don't don't don't skip the post.

So here we go.

Those who know me personally know that I have embraced the F word for the longest of the time. Some people get offended some simply don't mind. I choose to keep it out of my written communication because it somehow does not have the same touch (that word has so many many meanings.... if you have heard Osho speak about this you know what I mean)

So here it is.... C word. The big C. Embrace it. Love it. Practice it. Pray what is that word!!!!!

Its CREATIVE... I am sure most of you guessed it.

My mantra

If you are in any of these moods CREATE

If people are driving you Crazy......... create
If you feel                        Rage............... create
If you feel                        Edgy................ create
If you feel                        Anxious................ create
If you feel                        Terrified ................ create
If you feel                        Empty inside............. create.
Simply create. The negative mood will change. And the positive will just enhance. It works like share your burdens and they reduce and share your joys and they multiply.

I believe it works that way because it is a direct communication with the higher self. And that's why it works the way it works.

When I say creative it is not only the paints and brushes. Whatever floats your boat. Paint, Knit, Cook, Write, Sing, Dance. Just be creative. In the flow. Doodle. Scribble. Photography. Basically anything that you can easily make time for daily. Believe me you will find the time. Because the moment you embrace creativity in the tiniest of the manner you start flowing. And that's when you manage to move around quickly and find time. Its self love. Its nurturing.

Speaking of flow... you might want to check out the Super Soul Flow starting on 17th. Jan 2015.

Love love love to all of you who happen to walk into this lovely orbit of mine. I hope you find this inspiring and create more and more.
Wish you a year full of creativity. May you soul be uplifted with all the creativity you bring into your life.
Much love and light
Prerna Poojara



Jess said...

Perfect! :) Wishing you a joyous, healthy and CREATIVE new year Prerna!
Jess xx

Prerna Poojara said...

Thanks Jess for dropping by. Happy 2015 and beyond.

Indigene Theresa said...

What a great message for the new year! It so simple, just show up and your muse will lead the way! Happy New Year to you and thanks for your passionate post.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Great post - what a neat way to remember to create. Committing it to memory!

Tami Chacon said...

Love this post! CREATIVE all the way!

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Indigene, Wish you a happy 2015 too.

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Jodi. I hope you enjoy your creative year.

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Tami. So glad you enjoyed the post.