Thursday, May 15, 2014

When you Dance with your Dreams you actually fly.

Hello sweet souls

This is my 100th post BTW and I spent so much unnecessary time to think about the perfect 100th post. And I realized it was just another silly reason to procrastinate. Yes 100 is good. A century is a century. Its been a long time since I last wrote and I want to simply share whats brewing around me.

I looked back on my life when I was thinking about what to write and I realized one single thing. I realized I live my dream. I love the life I live. Creative, Compassionate,Radiant, Spiritual. My work is not really work that I would dread. I create therefore I am. And I enjoy the energy I bring in. There is peace. And I truly believe "The goal behind every goal should be Peace" Else the goals are just a way to distract oneself from our true life purpose. I am blessed to be living in this constant space of happiness and peace quite contrary to my 20 years of working at a corporate job. I did the scary thing that any one rarely attempts i.e say good bye to it and step into a life of uncertain situations because it was killing my soul. Slowly and gradually. And this dream that I had is now actually a reality. I embraced and danced with my dream. And my dreams have wings. So we fly and visit places and meet friends. I love the universe for showing me this lovely path. Thank you Thank you Thank you.   

Many of you know I am taking this course Dancing With your Dreams by Amy Burke O'Toole. She is a wonderful soul and my first Artist FB friend. I had no clue how this worked and I was on FB because I began 29faces. She is special. 

She put up a wonderful line up of teachers for this course. Believe me. I have had such a great time. It has really given me wings. Thats why I say I fly. 

Here are the latest artworks from the class. 

This one is a class on Archetypes by Claudia Olivos. I was introduced to Claudia's energy during AIMS workshop. She is an amazing teacher and her energy is absolutely stunning. I love the way she teaches and never holds back and no ego. I had never painted on a black background. So this was a challenge. So yay to wings. Trying out new things. And doing it again. 

This one is the Queen. 

I was so inspired by the style that I created one more for the Infinite Buddhas of Compassion Project

This one is a lovely class by Shelly Penko. I was always a fan of her Art so I was thrilled to bits when I saw her name on the list. And her process involved symbols. yay. something that was on my mind.  Talk about synchronizations. Here is my finished Canvas. I wish I had taken a bigger one though. I love it so much. It has a compass with words around it. The flower became a butterfly like it can happen in dreams. The fish looks naughty and it is my zodiac sign. 

And a very very happy news. Amy had nominated my name for the Bloom True e-workshop by Flora Bowley. Annnnnnddddd I got selected..... I was speechless (still am), and thrilled. She remembered I had her book on my wish list. We have began the journey and it is already so exiting. So keep in touch because I will share the lovely journey with you. My studio might just start resembling a war zone in a good way. 

Be blessed. See ya soon. 
Much love and light
Prerna Poojara

Catalyst for Creative Compassion. 

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Simona Cordara said...

Congrats Prerna!!
And your works are alawys filled with the joy you put in making them. ♥

Jess said...

Wow they're all gorgeous! I've always wanted to paint on a black background but I haven't been brave enough to do it yet. Yours has such a lovely atmosphere, I think the black give mystery to the painting. :) Congratulations on getting nominated for Flora's class, how exciting!
Jess xx

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Simona. I am so glad you like my work.

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Jess. give it a try. it is wonderful to be able to paint on black. I loved it once I let go of my fear.

Kim Switzer said...

Wonderful work! I love the one on the bottom especially--it's absolutely gorgeous!

I really love that you are living your dream and sharing it here so we get a glimpse of what that looks like. Thank you!

Deanna said...

Lovely artwork. There really is no better life than a life lead following your dreams. I'm happy you are on that path!

Indigene Theresa said...

I love the texture and richness of your art! It's wonderful to see so many people on the path of their dreams.

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Deanna. I agree it is such a soulful way to live. And I am glad I am coming across so many like minded souls.

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Indigene for dropping by and taking time to comment. I totally love the way we are all connecting and our paths cross.