Sunday, April 13, 2014

MAKE your own WIGGLY eyes. And have fun making faces.

Hi every one

Here is another quick fun giggly wiggly project that you can do with your kids. Its quick and easy and fun. Whats delicious about it??? Well you can make your own wiggly eyes.

And you what do you do with them???? Many many possibilities - here is one option.....


Here is what you will need.

FOR the wiggly eyes
A thick white paper
Black/Blue Beads
Empty blister packet of capsules

For the face - you guessed it.
Some acrylic paints
Some treads to hang
Beads for Earrings

For the wiggly eyes

Cut the empty capsule into single pieces like below. remove extra foil etc from behind and gently even out the hollow part of the blister.

Now apply glue on the back side of each capsule.Be careful not to apply too much and also at the far outer edges.

Place the paper (I used an old envelope) on a flat surface and place the beads.  Cut them and corner the edges.

Place the previously cut and glued individual empty capsule pieces on top of each bead. (ensure the bead is small and can move within. Press the sides a bit. Leave them to dry.

Cut out each eye with the paper at the bottom.

Cut off the extra paper and round off the corners. yay your wiggley eyes are ready.

Now paint the CD in any shape and shades you like. This is how I do it to save time. Quick drops of acrylic color on one CD. Place another CD and a moosh and mash and swish and turn the second CD and you have a set. (yes the same way we made the dream catchers) Let them dry.

Now Paste the eyes on the CD the way you like it. Experiment with the positions and spacing of the eyes. Paint features with black acrylic paint. I used the center of the CD to make the mouth. Two different placings of eyes and features make it funky.

Now to make the hanging and the earrings. I applied glue and placed a looped thread at the top and two threads on the side. Sandwiched the second CD and attached a couple of clips to ensure the glue holds. Once dry I used a silver ring to be added earrings. Cut off the excess of the earrings thread and the funny figures are ready.

Here are the two faces back to back and can be hanged in a kids room.

Have fun creating.

See ya soon
Much love and light
Prerna Poojara

Catalyst for Creative Compassion

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PS: If you like this project and make some it would be wonderful if you can link it back here.


Sumaiyah Dymonz said...

Love! You have a dream catcher tutorial too right? I'll have to do this one with the boys while they're out on Spring break.

Prerna Poojara said...

Hey Sumaiyah, that would be wonderful. I am sure they will have fun. Yes I put all the tutorials in one place. There is a free tutorial tab at the top. :) Cheers

Billie Bee said...

I love your blog, so creative. I have a pile of old cd's. Would love to teach my students this art. With your permission of course. I have about 11 young girls 8yrs-12yrs old that come to my studio for a crafting or sewing class each month. I'm thinking that after they make one, we would make another for them to abandon somewhere in our town or their school. You can contact me at
Thank you,
Busybee Billie

Lisa said...

Eee - this is so much fun! What a wonderful kids would get such a kick out of these. And I've no doubts we have plenty of scratched and useless CD's laying around that are just dying to have googly eyes. How delightful - thank you!

Amanda -Rebel Stardust said...

I love this idea!
My niece loves crafts, so I'm going to have to gather the supplies and make these with her
Thank you!

Amanda -Rebel Stardust said...

I love this idea!
My niece loves doing crafts
I'm going to gather up the supplies and make these with her
Thank you!

Prerna Poojara said...

Hey Billi Bee, It was wonderful to connect with you on the email. I look forward to what you create in the workshop. Glad you like it so much. I am honored.

Prerna Poojara said...

Lisa, I know. How exiting right. Have fun creating.

Prerna Poojara said...

Amanda, awww that would be so wonderful. Your niece will be so happy.

Deanna said...

This is such a great idea, perfect project to work on with kids! Thank you for taking the time to share it!

Prerna Poojara said...

Yes Deanna, The kids love it. The pleasure was all mine Deanna. I wanted to share the joy.

Amy said...

Prerna, I love your creative ideas. I need to try this with my kiddos!

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Amy. I know your Kids will love it. They are so creative.