Friday, January 3, 2014

My first 24 hour creativity stint - definitely not the last one.

Namaste gorgeous souls

At first thank you thank you thank you so much to one and all who were present with me in spirit and cheering me on FB and were as exited about it as I was. 

This was totally a last minute decision so I could not really do it as a group activity. First about the whole concept. Its not my own and its not tried for the first time. This is totally Whitney Freya and Nikki Shanon's idea. They have been doing it regularly and you can read about it here on the FB page and the website

Ever since I read about it I was exited to try it. And I have been impulsive on most days (simply because I have very very few family commitments and this is the life I have embraced - I don't go out to work like I used to in my past life) I woke up on 31st. morning with a dream that I am painting energetically. I have finished teaching or assisting and now that the group has finished their paintings it is time to begin mine. I suppose I was at a retreat. But thats that. I simply wanted to start off the 24hours creativity that very same day. But I had simply not planned anything. And I decided I wanted to begin at 11:11 pm that night. say bye to 2013 and hello to 2014. Then I realized its not a logical idea - I should do it once I have woken up so that I am well rested to go on. Believe me it was more exhausting to keep my heart still and sleep that night. But it was a better decision. 

I started off at 11:11am (simply because it was all about sending out energy and what better number than that) on 1st Jan 2014 (post a lovely shower and pouring some sea salt water neck down to cleanse me) and painted straight for 24 hours with my numerous tea/coffee breaks and lunch/dinner/breakfast. Even at that moment I was sitting at my kitchen table communicating with the canvas. 

Frankly I was dreading the post lunch and dinner sleepy syndrome. But it just did not show up. At the end of it I was not sleepy but more charged but my back was already giving me signals. 

While I started on a fresh new circular canvas. I worked on some smaller pieces that I was almost 3/4th way. So its not like I painted so many of these during the 24 hour creativity. It surely was not a race and a production assembly line. One can paint simply on one canvas through the 24 hours too.  

These are the pics I posted @ 6 hours......  

In the evening I did a little cleansing ritual with my incense stick and the bell. Creative and energy work needs cleansing.

Of course I did keep asking myself why I was doing it. hmmmmm. To prove myself to any one? na. To myself. may be. Was it a torture? na. Will I do it again??? yes. Have I gone nuts???? hhhhmmmm ya may be in a good way. At least I am not being mean to any one.... believe me there is no right or wrong answer.  

This is where I was at half way.

I did learn something very profound. I can tolerate the something if I want to. On any other day a guy croaking on a karaoke from 2am to 6am continuously (simply drunk) would have probably seen me walk down the building security and sent a request because it was simply unbearable. I have this thing about not being able to tolerate sound. (Although I do have a booming voice myself) I like to paint in silence. I like to paint without music. But that night I was thankful to that man who kept me awake with that irritation. The learning for me was only I have the power to irritate myself. That man was just who he was. I changed - my perception changed. I kept blessing him. I kept feeling oh dear you too are being creative so have fun. Although it became unbearable by 6am because the song was now reduced to just one. So it was repeated. LOL. 

Of as time went by it went much slower. But hey I did say it was not a race. 

My advice go in without expectations. Every one is different. Every one will have a different experience. I am sure when I do it again I will have a different experience. Don't look for that special moment at a particular hour or so... The entire experience is special and magical. When I finished and took a short nap (in broad daylight) and woke up my body simply told me in many many ways that it existed with all the bones and joints aching. And I did question - dear body if this is you and who was painting for those 24 hours???? Hmmmmm. 

The important thing is I showed up. My muse was amused and played along. And the universe obliged. I got to send out this beautiful energy into this world and I feel so blessed. I had lovely souls who cheered me and kept sending me encouraging words. I will forever be grateful to you folks. You know who you are.

And these are all the paintings.

These are 4"x4" on MDF/Wood. They were 1/2 to 3/4th done when I started them.

Here is a Ganesha painted over an old painting which had some texture and sand (from 5 years back) I had already added paper and covered it with one coat of paint when I started this. This might get gifted to my first boss. He did say he loved my Ganesha and Buddha. That makes this Ganesha no 8 for the 108 Ganesha Project

This is a Buddha on a canvas board. This too was an old painting which I wanted to redo. The textured stem was once a braid like look. The background was already painted. I was not sure until I started if this would be a Buddha anything else. Its approx 50cm x 60cm 

This one is an OWL I painted for a friend. He has owls near his current residence and mentioned he will miss them when he moves back to his new home. Apparently they brought him luck. Well I just new the best gift for him would be to gift an owl painting. Owl is well. right. Well I had not planned for the owl to come on this one. This too was already covered with bits of paper and some background colours. Some how this one wanted to be an owl. I had initially planned for the owl to be on one of the circular canvases. Well thats intuitive painting for you. 

Thats the round canvas I started fresh with the words in red marking the beginning of the 24 hours creativity. It decided it wanted to be a Ganesha.   There is some crackle medium on the elaborate head decor. I absolutely love this piece. That makes this Ganesha no 9 for the 108 Ganesha Project

This is a small 5" (end to end) mdf wood  which again had the background colors on and was ready to work on.

That makes this Ganesha no 10 for the 108 Ganesha Project

This turned out to be a Tara. While I wanted to make a Buddha. She insisted on showing up. The hair here is crackled. Again I had already started the background of this one before. It was a respite to have smaller pieces to work along because then I could sit and paint in between the large canvas.   

And this was the last hour. This was also a fresh canvas which I had started along with the smaller circular one. I had this strong urge to write blessings on and send it out. And I ended it with the tree as a grounding feeling to the whole painting session. This one I will continue to work as and when it speaks to me. 

If you every wanted to do it. Just go ahead and do it. Its an experience which simply cannot be explained. Sit and paint, sleep and paint, but paint and remember to simply enjoy it. Its not a race, its not a game and its not a test. 

Be happy. Wish you all a fantastic 2014 and beyond.

Much love and light
Prerna Poojara

Catalyst for Creative Compassion.


Simone Alves said...

Wonderful experience you are sharing here!amazingly inspiring!

Amy said...

Dear Prerna, How wonderful that you started out the year with a new challenge, and channeling blessings. Wishing you the most beautiful year yet! XOXO I love what you created, especially the round, (red/orange background) Ganesh.

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Simone Alves. I hope you can join me next time.

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Amy, That canvas was sitting pretty for a long time. The odd shape was daunting. But that was the reason I purchased it too. lol. Thank you for being there and cheering me Amy on FB. I would not have done it without the support of my FB friends.

DogsMom said...

An amazing and wonderful growth challenge and opportunity. I can imagine that as you lose yourself in the activity you gain energy.
I especially enjoyed how you could bless what you might otherwise have called an annoyance.

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you DogsMom, That was quite an eye opener for me. LOL