Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Acrylic on Canvas - Original Painting. - Unlock your Heart and be fearless

Hello every one,

We are already mid way to Jan and time seems to be flowing. I had started this painting towards the end of last year. I paint intuitively and some times they take longer to get completed as they are more like messages relayed to me. 

I had already finished the Buddha on the RHS last December and my muse refused to let me touch it. But it also kept silent regarding the LHS of the painting. I added a leaf shape to begin with and had it covered with old shreds of paper (my latest obsession LOL) but some how it kept saying it dint want to be a leaf. Finally after sitting on the easel for more than 12 days it spoke last week. One fine day it said it wanted to be a heart not a leaf. And then the muse just took off. The heart became a lock because it had a soft message "unlock your heart" The heart shaped lock is unlocked and if you notice it does not have the typical slot that shuts the lock. So the locks we put are more imaginary and are so easy to open without a key - as the key hole it self is a key which says love. And the 8 circles were drawn before and I had almost decided to inscribe Namaste (7 letters so I was wondering what to do with the 8 the circle) But no again my muse whispered "fearless" and it kind of went on to become a message. Unlock your heart and be fearless. And here it is. 

Unlock your Heart and Be Fearless - Original Painting, Acrylic on Canvas

Happy creating. May the message resonate with some of you reading this too. 

Love and Light


Ginny Markley said...

Love your Buddha and hearing the story of how this evolved!

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you so much Ginny