Thursday, December 27, 2012

Online E-courses – Just hooked on to the idea.

Hello every one,

Hope every one had a great Christmas and every one is looking forward to a great 2013. 

It is only in the year 2012 that I discovered the world of online courses for Art. I have been learnt from various teachers in Mumbai, India over weekends since 2004. These hobbies were a stress buster but I usually chose classes closer to home. I also assisted at some Art courses from 2010 to 2011. Finally I took a break from all the work that’s when I discovered the e-learning. I scouted around, did a bit of research joined a couple. And here is a dialogue. This might just be helpful to some students who have never considered either of the options to logically put things into perspective.

Why I love e-learning

  • Do it at your own pace and time. Most of these workshops are open for 6 months to a year after the course is over. Now let’s admit I am a person who was all about deadlines for 18 years (corporate life) so this was a boon. Yay no deadlines, no need to reach some place at a particular time even if it meant for hobby. Thumbs up.

  • A Great online community and support group. – Again support and chat and sharing happens at our own free time. Most of these groups are all about support and its not about how good or bad your work is. There is a lot to share, lot to learn in these closed groups.  

  • In your own comfort zone : My own table, my own home, my relaxed clothing. I am game.

  • No pressure : Now lets admit the teachers who are teaching have years of experience. Some students are better than others. Since no one is watching we really don’t care about the mistakes we make to begin with. There is no pressure and we can keep trying and upload the work once we are happy with it.

  • No judgment : Since a lot of fellow students don’t know you personally and your background in the closed groups usually you will find no judgment about some work you produce, especially the ones that involve soul searching. We are not just talking art workshops here. Get it?

  • Downloadable videos: Now ideally go for e-workshops that offer downloadable videos only because you would want to keep it and view it again and again while you are practicing. If you compare that with your offline course you can’t ask your off line teacher to demonstrate again and again while you are working side by side. So that was a huge plus for me.

  • Sharing : You get to see individual work and soak it in. You get to know about other opportunities and platforms available as the social media network is brining the world closer.

  • Materials : Usually when you join an off line workshop the materials are provided or the list is specific as the teachers also would like to show some results upfront before you leave the class. There is no time to experiment. With online or e-learning one can look at alternates and experiment as time is by your side besides there is no specific affiliation to stick to by the teachers.  

  • Global experience: This has been the most enriching experience. I get to learn from teachers all across the world. And there is tons of collective knowledge out there.

  • Cost : Well I cant compare this much because of one factor my offline classes have been in India and online have been international. So it would be unfair. But if I take the cost of time and travel into account I think it’s still a deal.

What you might love about in person Art classes :

  • You will get to meet new people and make new friends. Although I dint have problem with that with my on line class. I made lots of friends and we are on social media network. The community has grown.  

  • The teachers might be able to hand hold you and may be help you with your mistakes if it is a small class. But some times the workshops have like 20/30 students to make it economical and its impossible for the teacher to handhold you any ways.

  • If you need a reason to step out of the house for some me time sure it’s a huge plus. 

  • Options of one on one class or a work shop – There are a lot of teachers in India who do take workshops at your convenience and one on one instead of a group of students too.  It worked for me while I was working full time and had only weekends.

For about a year I did a weekend teachers training course which kind of made it difficult for me while working weekdays. I wish I knew about e-learning back then.

Feel free to continue the dialogue. It would be great to hear from every one. 

Love and Light

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Siggadisart said...

Love to read this, I love e-classes too... It is so much easier to studi at home when you feel like painting in steed of going somewhere at tuesday night when you maybe dont feel like going anywhere..

Prerna Poojara said...

I so agree with you Siggadiart. Its been a blessing.

Cynthia Hanna said...

Online classes are what really sparked my creativity!
Living with chronic illnesses and mobility issues; in a small, isolated, agriculturally based community; with little income and no personal means of transportation; online classes have opened up entire realms of possibility for me!
I've been lucky enough to have received some classes for free via giveaways.
I post as many of those giveaways, new classes, etc as I can on my Creative Artitudes Facebook page.

Amy said...

Prerna, I agree with you. Learning and connecting via the internet has just been wonderful for me. I find it very beneficial. Time, commitments and cost would really prohibit my learning if it were all to be "in person." I have learned so much from online videos and demonstrations, that were free! No cost to me, but my time and attention. I have to say, it has changed my life. And enabled me to connect to like-minded souls around the world! Did you know our friendship has been such a blessing to me? Really, an answer to a prayer! I enjoyed your post very much.

Prerna Poojara said...

Cynthia Hanna I am glad for all the technology. Till 6 months back I always thought social networking was for some people who wanted to just pass some time. But I am so enriched and my opinion has so totally changed about this platform. I too have been a lucky to have received some giveaways from some awesome folks online. yay. Do share your FB page. Would love to visit and keep in touch.

Prerna Poojara said...

Amy you are an angel and you are so much responsible for my happiness and experiences online. Am glad you enjoyed the post. I plan to write more often. I have learnt so much its time I got out there and shared. God bless you darling.

Aimeslee said...

I agree with you, Prerna. Additionally, for me, the opt-IN for the social connecting is a plus. I have 5 arthritises and get easily overwhelmed and unfocussed (side effect of my meds), so I have literally taken classes where all I learned to do was chat, hahaha. When the classes are online and self-paced, I can better choose to NOT do so much of that and stay on task. xoxo

Coleen said...

Hi Prerna,
Thanks for posting this on "Art Journaling for Women." As an American living in Ukraine I'm somewhat isolated from other artists so online is great for me too.

Blessings, Coleen

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you for writing. It feels like such a blessing. Chatting is healing. Sometimes I dont do anything. Just catch up. And say hi. I made such lovely friends online.

Prerna Poojara said...

Coleen, I am so glad to come across folks from different cultures. And yes I too would have felt isolated and glad the technology works for us. And that people are so forthcoming and sharing. That is what amazes me the most.