Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Metal Enameling workshop at Jindal Steel Works – Vashind by Kana Lomror of Timeless Moment

Hello Arty Folks

I attended a Large Scale Enameling workshop conducted by Kana Lomror (with whom I have been undergoing an advance course in metal enameling) at Kharghar, India.  It was held sometime end of Oct 2012 and I guess the next one will be in Jan 2013 

The workshop was an opportunity for artists to spend around 6/7 days lost in creativity. We had a mix of participants, some who had come in for the 2nd or 3rd time. Some for the first time like me but were not new to the medium and some absolutely first timers trying out enameling on metal for the first time that too on a large scale. It was a great mix and made a few new friends. I shared my space with Shruti Dev who happened to my Silver Art Clay teacher a year back and we had a great time. There were some amazing work that the participants have worked on and I am sure Kana Lomror will upload soon. But here is what I made and I am glad I could carry forward my intuitive style of painting that I finally rediscovered believed and held on to. It’s a great medium for a lot of artists to try out and work on. I love making enameled jewelry and small artworks on a regular basis as that’s the size of my Kiln and I usually work on Copper. Here at the JSW work shop I decided to work on Coated Steel as it does react differently than copper and I wanted to spend more time enameling than on the cleaning and beating and texturing of copper which I already had explored. I must say metal enameling is forgiving to a certain extent and gives you some lovely accidental effects that you will fall in love with but cant expect to repeat itself. So it’s a self discovery each time you fire you wait for it to cool. Kana Lomror has managed to master and tame the medium to a large extent thanks to hours of practice so it’s a pleasure. I think the next workshop will be held in Jan 2013 so if any one is interested hop on to his FB page and write to him.

Its a hot sunny afternoon. - 10"x12"

Protecting you - This one is almost a wiccan and whispers I am with you no matter how dark and heavy the energies might surround you. Notice the figure sitting at the bottom holding a red ball sitting on fire but still meditative. The angels protecting and sending love on a almost full moon night. 10"x12"

Sunset at the workshop. We used to witness a lovely sunset from out workshop venue and it just decided to walk right into the painting. The symbol in black is a spiral that follow me in my paintings a lot. 12"x12"

Witnessing : The universe is inside me. Notice the crest moon instead of a nose ring, the sublime sunset on the right cheek. Its almost a twilight like effect below the nose. Sun setting and the moon rising. The beautiful third eye extending upwards. This one is my favorite. 18"x18"

Water color background with screen printing technique - yessss you can screen print on metal. Will be adding some other stuff here soon. Not sure as of now. So it stays like this for the moment. Will wait for it to communicate what it wants. As usual. 

Hope you guys like it. 

Love and Light. 



Amy said...

Wow, Prerna, I am blown away by this! So beautiful, and I imagine a tricky medium to work with! Your style shows through, and each piece is layered with meaning. I love the spirit shown in your artwork.

Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you so much Amy. Yes it was a meaningful workshop for me. :)

Coleen said...

Sounds like that enamel class was a lot of fun. I've done this too, but many years ago. I really liked the medium. Following you now Prerna.

Prerna Poojara said...

Yes Coleen, It was fun. :) Yes the medium is great. Love it just that I don't manage to work on it regularly. :(

Aimeslee said...

Hi, Prerna - Hey! We have a Jindal Steelworks in my town -- Baytown, Texas, USA. Sure wish they would host a workshop here, too! winkwink Your metal canvases are gorgeous, xoxo.

Prerna Poojara said...

Wow small world. They have a learning center kind of place here. And they have a Art India chapter by Sangita Jindal. Hope there is a course there soon. You will love it.