Thursday, May 17, 2012

Face 4

Face 4 - Acrylic on Canvas. Some portions are textured like the candle she is holding and the earrings. This one is titled "Going back to the source" This was inspired by one of the Osho Zen TransformationTarot Cards called Disciplehood - The many teachers of Junaid. I have copy pasted a part of the story below. Its a bit long but interesting for the ones who are on the path of spiritual quest.

"And third," he said, "I entered into a small village. A little boy was carrying a lit candle, obviously going to the small temple of the town to put the candle there for the night."

And Junnaid asked, "Can you tell me from where the light comes? You have lighted the candle yourself so you must have seen. What is the source of light?"

The boy laughed and he said, "Wait!" And he blew out the candle in front of Junnaid. And he said, "You have seen the light go. Can you tell me where it has gone? If you can tell me where it has gone I will tell you from where it has come, because it has gone to the same place. It has returned to the source."

And Junnaid said, "I had met great philosophers but nobody had made such a beautiful statement: 'It has gone to its very source.' Everything returns to its source finally. Moreover, the child made me aware of my own ignorance. I was trying to joke with the child, but the joke was on me. He showed me that asking foolish questions--'From where has the light come?'--is not intelligent. It comes from nowhere, from nothingness--and it goes back to nowhere, to nothingness."

Junnaid said, "I touched the feet of the child. The child was puzzled. He said, 'Why you are touching my feet?' And I told him, 'You are my Master--you have shown me something. You have given me a great lesson, a great insight.'

"Since that time," Junnaid said, "I have been meditating on nothingness and slowly, slowly I have entered into nothingness. And now the final moment has come when the candle will go out, the light will go out. And I know where I am going--to the same source.

"I remember that child with gratefulness. I can still see him standing before me, blowing out the candle."


Patience said...

Greetings! This is really beautiful! The colors and patterns -- it makes for one visually appealing whole and I'm quite taken with it! :-)


Prerna Poojara said...

Thank you Patience for dropping by. Am happy you like it. Love your name BTW. Very unique.